RHONJ- Part 2 Recap -- " Wigged Out and Awkward Hugs"

Yep, you read that right.. Wigged out and awkward hugs is what part 2 was about. I must say that these ladies get odder and odder every season. Which is awesome!!! Ha ha. I'll admit it, I will miss Danielle and the crew. It added a spice to the show that I had to just watch to see what would happen next.

My only comment is what was Kim G.'s Dynasty ooutfit. What in the world?! Bright silvery teal with off shoulder roses and blinged out everything?! Yea, I have no words for this one.
Overall, RHONJ has ended, until next year. Now, onto ATL, BH and DC :)

Happy Friday :)

Photo Credit: RHONJ Kim G photo


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