Talbots- The New "Jcrew-esque" Store

When I think of Talbots, I think of old stuffy cardigans, penny loafers and shawls. No lie. That's what I think of and the fact that they are way overpriced. But I have changed my tune girls.

Talbots is targeting younger, sleeker and preppier look. I must admit, I am in love! These are my must have's from Talbots:

So, move over JCrew and get ready because Talbot's has taken over :)
 Happy Friday Everyone!


Cindy said...

Wow... never would've thought Talbots had it in them. But I don't think they will ever replace the Crew! xo

melifaif said...

Oh wow. Yeah, I have to agree. I never thought of Talbots as a store I would buy from??!!?? BUT, hello! Very cute....thanks for the heads up lady. Hope you have a terrific LD weekend....

Ann Stewart said...

Talbots has been a classic for years. I've worn their shifts and sweaters for a while, and the best thing is they never go out of style. They also have GREAT sales. Last month I picked up a skirt, two shirts, a pair of pumps and a jacket for under $200.

Silvia said...

Cindy- Now there's a steal! :) Yay! Love good sales!
Thank you ladies for your sweet comments. I hope that everyone had a blessed holiday weekend! :)
As always, keep commenting and supporting each others blogs :)

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