Secret Confession:

Okay ya'll I have a confession to make and I havent told anyone on my blog or on twitter this. Only bacause it hasn't come up ha ha. But I have a part time job that I do to raise funds for my parents health insurance costs. I am a Mary Kay Skin Care Consultant. People ask me how come you have such gorgeous skin? What do I use? What is my skin regime? Well, I have been using MK since I was 15 and I am now 29. The reason I use it is because not only do I adore the products, but I love sharing my skin care info with others.

I began this in college just part time to help my parents medical costs etc.. I just do it part time and I love helping my family out. I read all about cancer in my "day" job and apply that to my friends who purchase MK from me.

I asked a friend of mine from college, why do you buy from me? She said, because you don't push anyone. You teach people about the dangers of not taking care of your skin and how important it is. It's funny, I never had it click with me, but I am not pushy. If they ask, I am all about teaching them and helping.

So, there you all have it. I am a MK Skin Care consultant. :) Very proud of teaching all women and men about taking care of their skin, getting skin cancer screenings etc…

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to try out some products. I am all yours! :)
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melifaif said...

I am currently a mineral make up whore. Not really. People use that term pretty loosely nowadays, huh? I do love the flawless finish it gives though. Do you wanna suggest some MK products I should to get that look? I grew up using MK because of my mom and just got away from it after college? Probably because she stopped buying for me.

Tricia Loves Makeup and Fashion said...

WHAT!?! That's awesome. You are such an amazing person, to go out and do this on the side for your parents. You should be so proud {as I'm sure they are}. I will definitely let you know if I need anything. I love the MK eye makeup remover!

Silvia said...

Awe you two are too sweet! Great support and friends :)
Melifaf- I love mineral powders! MK has the best I think sheen and light with great coverage. I always use and would recommend MK even essence complexion. It is a great light lotion that evens out your complexion.Also, depending on your skin tone dry or oily. I'd suggest a really good moisturizer and definately use spf and drink loads of water! Those are key :) Let me know I'd love to mail you a Look book and see what you'd like :)

Tricia- Love you and I stock up on that eye remover. I buy 3 bottles at one time! Ha ha Its the best around :)

Allison said...
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