The OSCARS- Recap :)

I guess it's better to be late than never right? :)

So here goes… when I think of the Oscars, I don't think of who will win best movie, or supporting actress blah, blah ... And blah. I don't watch to see the awards, I watch because I care, and what do I care about? ….. Fashion!!! And who's dating who. Ha-ha. I admit it. I think all my blogger girls would agree :)

Let's get to it-- Best Dressed:

Jennifer Lopez & Demi Moore

Cameron Diaz

Sandra Bullock

Worst Dressed- okay, so hmmm… don’t shoot me and I think I know some of you may disagree… but for me, it was SJP.

Ugh… I know, and believe me, I know. She even worn a Coco Channel design, but it was just horrible and the huge hair bun took it over the top for me.

Okay, to the men: Love Colin Firth, Chris Pine ( Julie @ Browneyedbelle would agree- there are no words ;) ).

Worst: George Clooney ...

I cannot believe I just said/typed that, but it's true GC was just not top notch this year. I mean, please get a haircut and look more polished next year. I think the new girlfriend- Elisabetta may have disheveled him to this non polished look. This saddens me to no end.

And, just a little observation, but did you all notice that Miley Cyrus has the worst posture. I felt myself wanting to be a mom and say- “Please put your shoulders back and stand up straight. Thank you :) ”

Okay, so I want to know what my readers/friends think. Do you agree/disagree? Do you want to throw some stones at me or suggest I need to re evaluate my sense of style ? Ha-ha. I love hearing from You! So, come on, good or bad… lay it on me dolls ! :)

Side note: I just wanted to say Thank You! To all my blogger friends that I have made via my blog and through theirs (see right side for the great list). You girls comment on my posts and I am overwhelmed by your sweetness. It truly makes me smile and encourages me to blog more. So, thank you and sending you all a great Big Hug! Xoxo! :)

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Leslie said...

Sandra was beautiful!

I'maNolaGirl said...

I loved Sandra's look. Simply stunning. I have to say I thought the fashion overall this award season was kind of underwhelming. There isn't one dress from any of the shoes that I think will be one of those remember forever kind of looks.

I have to say I am a HUGE fan of oversized buns. While I liked SJP's hair, I just thought the dress was terrible. The color and the shape did nothing for her. But I am thinking maybe this was her plan to make us pull for a comeback at the SATC II premiere!

Best dresses gent was definitely Colin Firth. What a handsome man. And his wife looked just as beautiful!!

Melissa said...

I loved Sandra's dress! I thought that she looked fantastic!

I agree with you about SJP. I totally hated her outfit and her hair. DH commented that she looked really OLD (gasp!) and that her tan was part of the problem.

As for the men, I thought that Zac Efron needed to do something else with his hair. It looked terrible.

GC didn't look that hot to me either. What was he thinking?

Loved Colin Firth though. :)

That's about all that I can remember.

Mrs. D said...

I loved Cameron's dress the best. I'm a sucker for sparkles! And you're so right about SJP. She was a mess, so disappointing!

Allison said...

I loved Sandra's dress. She was gorgeous!

I completely agree with you on SJP. What was she thinking?

I was disappointed with George Clooney.

molly YEH! said...

just found your blog! how cute!

was demi moore's dress not AMAZING?!

Molly said...

I loved Demi's look! And Sandra is just fabulous, as always!

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