Real Housewives OC,NYC & NJ... Oh My!

(photo credit:webtvwire)
Can I just say I have to admit something to my fellow blog friends.. My name is Silvia and Yes, I am a Real Housewive addict. ( Now, you girls say... Hi Silvia, it's okay) ha-ha.

I love them, addiction, obession or mere intrigue.. perhaps all of the above? But, I love and get excited over these crazy ladies. It's like watching Days of Our Lives, just in modern times. ha-ha.

My favorite house wife is Bethanny Frankel, Jill Zaaaarrriinnn ( cute uh?), Vicky Gulvanson, NJ all of them are crazy awesome and ATL all rock in the south. So, is anyone else a RHO addict? Or am I the only one? Who's watching the reunion show in March? Two part ladies :)

Wishing everyone a happy Monday and stay tuned.. Tomorow will be on The Kardashians ;)


Red and White Preppy said...

I haven't gotten into the Real Housewives...thank goodness because I'm already addicted to enough tv!

I'maNolaGirl said...

I have only watched the New Jersey season, but I can say I LOVED it!!! Now the Kardashians, I don't miss!!!

Ellen Hill said...

agree V is aweful!

I just love the Real Housewives except the Atlanta girls. They are such a weird group of representatives!

Silvia said...

Ellen- I know... its the grouping that makes the show.

Jenn- Love Kardashians ;)

Tori- You know it girl :)

simpsontwins said...

So glad to know I am not the only one. Real Housewives is my favorite way to relax!

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