Is Kardsashian becoming the New " Dynasty"?

No lie girls, that is what I always think when I am watching my beloved Kardashian family. Dynatsy! Old school, 1980's drama filled with the family/town base just modern. I love the Kardashian family. Who doesn't? They are unique, blended family, who have become famous for … hmm… well, wait a minute, just thinking here… well, I guess nothing. But isn't that the "new" American trend in reality tv?! I believe so, but heck, who cares.. They are a trip and great fashion trends to boot!
I wished that I could just spend the day with the Kardashian Girls and raid their make up and closests! I mean, where and how do they have such great make up applications? Ahhh.. To live the life of a Karadashian seems pretty nice to me :)
Oh and big news.. Guess who has a perfume out now?? Kim! I saw her on QVC of all places selling it last week. I was flipping through the channels and there you see her selling it. And your truly secretly wants to buy it.
So, I ask you this.. What are your thoughts on the Kardash family? Love them, hate them or you just could care less?
Have a great Tuesday Loves! :)


I'maNolaGirl said...

Maybe it's just the Kim K./Reggie Bush pairing, but i love them! I think Scott is terrible though. Grrr. He's just the worst. And I do wish those little girls would just act like little girls. Bruce seems to be the only one who thinks so too. But they're a fun reality tv family!

Silvia said...

I agree! Bruce to me is the normal one with any sense of reason in the family. Scott.. dont get me started girl LOL. I swear he is awful and I always think that Kourtney is with him bc she suffers from low self esteem. But I love the K & R pairing ;)

melifaif said...

I was JUST - no kidding - JUST about to do a Dynasty posting on my blog today....but it involves 2 and 3 year olds!!! Must tune in. New the KK's!

Melissa said...

Hadn't thought of them that way but yes, they do seem to be the "new" Dynasty. LOL

Sorry, but Kim really isn't a very good actress. Sad but true.

Silvia said...

Melifaif-- I love it! Great minds think alike :)

Melissa- I agree she's not but she is gorgeous.

Allison said...

I am glad that I am not the only person who enjoys this show. I watch the marathons on Sundays to catch up. Scott annoys me to no end. Someone needs to get rid of him. Bruce is just so passive. I wonder how many botox injections he has had? :)

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