4.5 miles down more to go.

I have been doing 4.5 miles of walking a day. Yep, 4.5 miles of just walking. Why? Looking to get healthier, I mean granted I am a size 6, but I just want to feel better about myself and health. I am also, trying to encourage my dad to get back on track to losing weight. He usually does in the spring and summer time, but I guess I am jumpstarting this daily night walks sooner this year. I enjoy our father and daughter time, plus, we like to look at his neighbors lawns, see what they are all up to etc… Yep, that’s how we roll in the Paulo household. We love to learn about lawn care LOL.
So, my back, shoulders and calves have been killing me all weekend. Ugh.. But no pain no gain right? Oh and did not know this, but I haven't eaten any meat in 4 days and I have no idea why. Just not tempting to eat it anymore. I have been craving veggies and fruit. I guess, it is definitely summer time for me. And just wanted to share that 5 miles = 10,000 steps. Who knew? I was doing the recommend daily step amount for weight loss.
So, wish me good luck on getting my Daddy up and walking more this week. We are up for a walk today after work… let's hope it doesn’t rain here.
I also, wanted to take this opportunity to thank my fellow blogger friends for your sweet, supporting and caring comments about what I have been going through with the loss of a friendship. Your comments mean more to me than you all would ever know!
Thank you again and I am truly blessed to have you all not only as readers, but friends.
Happy Monday Loves!


Red and White Preppy said...

4.5 miles?!?!? WOW! :) I was tired after 2.5 one day! I'm impressed!

Happy Monday, sweetie!

I'maNolaGirl said...

Well, look at you! 4.5 miles is fantastic. I love that you get to spend that time with your dad - so special. Hope your week is off on the right foot!

Mrs. D said...

You go! I hope your motivation is contagious. I probably don't walk 4.5 miles in a WEEK! :)

Juliana said...

Good luck and you are doing an amazing job here! Hope you have a great week!

Angel said...

Great job! Besides the health benefits it also helps to make you feel better about yourself. Plus what a fun way to spend quality time with your dad <3

Melissa said...

That's great! I can't wait until Baby is here so that Sydney and I can go for long walks again. Where we live is mostly hills so the 3 miles that I walk is a lot of work.

Keep up the great work!!!

Ellen M. Hill said...

4.5? you go girl!

Mrs. D said...

I left you something over at my blog!

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