I am dreading ....

Spring! I know, you may want to throw stones at me, so go ahead throw.. :)
It's not what it seems.. I love the idea of spring, flowers blooming, longer days, the warm tempuratures, spring dresses the list goes on and on. So why do you ask I am dreading spring?
It's allergy season and this morning I got my first taste of it as I headed out to the grocery store. Ugh.. I get so ill during this season, that I can't even head out side sometimes. Its awful. I ge those allergy shots, which help somewhat, but I still get ill.

Any one of my blogger friends can relate?

News: Fashion Friday is definately here to stay!! Thank you ladies :)


Melissa said...

I have allergies too. Spring and Fall, while they are beautiful, are no fun because of my allergies.

The allergy shots were great when I was getting them, but time just made it impossible to keep up with them.

Hope you feel better soon.

Leslie said...

I hear that! The older I get, the worse mine seem to get... I'll take that risk to see some sunshine any day, though. :)

I'maNolaGirl said...

I am so sniffly right now!! Ick.

PS - I passed on a little blog award to you tonight!!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Girlfriend, March 1 hit and my allergies knocked me down. I started taking my meds and I'm feeling better, but allergies KILL me too! I love spring, but I do hate that part of it.

Silvia said...

Thank you ladies :) We all suffer from these pesky allergies... ugh.. Lets hope the spring season will be easy on us :)

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